Malec's Daughter Chapter 3

Malec’s Daughter (a Shadowhunters Fanfiction)
Mature (18+)


Kayla had been to the New York Institute countless times growing up.  When she was barely able to walk Papa would take her there to visit Daddy while he was hard at work.  She would watch her older brother Rafe train and eventually earn his first rune.  At 10, Kayla already learned how to wield a whip like her Aunt Izzy and the bow like her Dad.  However, her Warlock blood seemed to be stronger than her Shadowhunter blood.  Her cat-eyes would appear every time she used any magic, even lesser amounts, or when she willed them to, which was rare.  This made her parents scared to have her ruined at first, but Kayla wanted to be a Shadowhunter more than anything.  She admired her father, aunt, and family friends who were Shadowhunters.


“Kayla, what’s the matter?” Jonathan sat next to her.  She looked up and saw he wore his human glamor.  He always did when they were together.  “Did somebody hurt you?”

She opened her mouth to speak but words failed her.  She flung her arms around him and wept harder than before.  He put his arms around her, and they sat on the rooftop, wordless, but speaking volumes in that moment.


Kayla stepped out into the crowd, walking to the Silent Brother who would perform her ceremony.  She looked up and did a silent prayer to the angels to give her strength and courage.  She had completed her training and was ready, or at least she prayed she was.  Fear crept at the pit of her stomach.  Is my Warlock blood too strong?  Am I meant to be a Shadowhunter?  Kayla’s mind whirled.

“Sweetie,” Alec cleared his throat, “the Oath.”

After taking a breath to steady her nerves, Kayla began to recite their sacred oath.

I stand before my fellow Shadowhunters / To the Angel, I entrust my life,
To receive the rune of the Angel. / And vow to uphold the laws of Heaven.
I take this
Mark to honor Him;
To bring His light into me...
So I may join the ranks of the
The guardians of peace.

The Silent Brother took the stele and began to draw the Angelic Rune on her arm.  The point of contact the stele made with her bare skin burned.  A pain she never experienced in her life.  Her blood boiled, her skin flaked, her stomach lurched.  She couldn’t contain the pain anymore and screamed.  Her cats-eyes appeared in her tear stained face, magic encircled her while her shrieks steadily grew louder.  All she could think about was for the pain to go away.  She lashed out, not realizing what she was doing.  Everyone in the room was thrown back.  Alec, Clary, Simon, Izzy, and even Magnus, who was only permitted to be there because he was her father.

After the pain stopped, Kayla slowly came back to herself.  She looked up and saw what she had done to everyone she cared about.  Tears flowed harder and she teleported out of the institute and back to the alleyway she always seemed to escape to.


After nearly an hour, Kayla finally stopped crying.  Jonathan still held her tight, not wanting to lose the closeness.  “Feeling better?”  She nodded.  “What happened?”

She looked up into his eyes.  “I think I prefer your black eyes over your blue ones.  Actually, I prefer you without your glamour altogether.”  Jonathan shook his head, smiling.  He only ever smiled for her it seemed.

“If you aren’t going to tell me you should just say so and not try to change the subject with a blatant lie.”

“I mean it.  You said that same thing about my cat-eyes.”

“That is different.”

“How so?”

“It just is!”  He started to raise his voice.  Jonathan was clearly losing his temper.

“I don’t think…” Before Kayla could finish her thought, Jonathan kissed her.  She was floored.  It was only their second kiss.

Memories of the first time came flooding back into her mind.  The rest of the world, all its problems, dissolved into nothingness.


A/N: I have two planned bonus chapters later on in the story.  One where Kayla’s parents get their memories back (it will make sense later), and the one where she relives their first kiss.  They will both be short though.

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