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Malec's Daughter Chapter 2

Malec’s Daughter (a Shadowhunters Fanficiton)
Mature (18+)

A/N: I got nearly 200 views on Ao3 and almost 100 on my blog, so I decided to proceed with the next chapter.  I have one more nearly ready to go.  I might be posting that later this week (even tomorrow if I can manage to get my homework done). Enjoy!


Kayla teleported to her favorite place of all, the spot where she met Jonathan.  He had saved her life on her 15th birthday.  She was out walking with Max and Rafe, her older brothers.  They wanted to let her pick out her own presents for the first time.  She was getting older and her tastes changed so much those days.


Kayla’s long brown hair was curled.  It ran down the side of her face.  Her hazel eyes were full of excitement.  She rarely went out of the house, other than to go to and from the Institute, which was mostly done through portals. Her Papa, older brother Max, and herself could all make them.  Hers weren’t as strong as the others yet, due to her age and being only half-Warlock.  Her warlock part was still stronger than her half-Shadowhunter side.  She still didn’t bear any runes out of fear what it might do to her because of her Warlock blood.  She trained extra to prepare her body for the marks.

She got separated when they were attacked by demons.  When she screamed, a demon covered in burns jumped off a roof, and saved her life.  “Are you hurt?” it was a male voice she noted, unable to say a word.  She was still in shock.  The demon started to feel all about her in a near frantic.  “I don’t see any injuries.”  Kayla was so stunned, she couldn’t speak, react to the touch, or anything.  She just stood there, watching him as he moved about checking her.  Once he was satisfied that she was unharmed he began to scan their surroundings.

Max and Rafe came around a corner after a few minutes and tried to kill him.  They had thought he was helping the demons that attacked them to begin with.

After they arrived at the Institute, her daddy decided it was best to keep using portals from now on.  She decided to portal, but to that place and began to search for her savior.  After a month of looking, to no avail, she decided she needed to stop.  Deep inside her, she knew she would see him again.  She just didn’t know when, or how she knew.  She just did.


Kayla walked through the alley she was attacked nearly three years ago.  She bid her tears to stop.  She climbed the fire escape and sat on the roof of the old building.  It amazed her that it was still standing after all these years.  It was abandoned for nearly two years now.

Kayla buried her head in her lap and wept, lost in thought of days past.


“Are you ready?” Alec asked while putting on his boots and jacket.

“I think so?” Kayla took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves.  “Can we walk to the Institute?  I think the air will do me good.”

Alec looked at his daughter with a questioning look.  “What brought this on?  I thought we agreed to portal since the demon attack?”

“It has been a month, Dad.  Can you please stop acting like I am a little kid and can’t protect myself?”

He considered her request for what seemed like an eternity before agreeing with her.  They set off for the New York Institute.  They passed by tons of stores, bars, and a few street musician’s and performers on the way.  When they were close to the alley, she was attacked she looked up to the roof were the demon jumped down from.  She saw a familiar silhouette jumping to another roof.  Her eyes went wide after she recognized the demon who saved her life.

“What are you looking at?”

Kayla turned to face her father; his bow was pulled back with an arrow knocked.  “Nothing” she said hastily, waving her arms about.  “I accidently stared at the sun too long.”

He put away his bow and arrow.  They headed to the Institute.


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