Malec's Daughter Chapter 1

Malec’s Daughter (a Shadowhunters fanfiction)
Mature (18+)

Disclaimer: The events in this series of fanfiction take place during the TV show and books (took aspects of each that I liked).  I do not own any of the original characters.  This is strictly fiction with only minor details changed / added to fit in the new characters I created.

New characters in this fanfiction include:
Kayla Maryse Lightwood-Bane


“Kayla.” Alec Lightwood, head of the New York Institute, and father to Kayla Maryse Lightwood, said.  His blue eyes looked full of worry. “We need to talk.”

“What is the matter, Daddy?” Kayla pulled off her brown backpack.  She had just returned from spending her day shopping with Clary and Aunt Izzy. She tossed it on the couch.

Alec looked toward Magnus Bane’s silhouette. He was in the kitchen making dinner. “Magnus!” he yelled. “It is time!”

Magnus came into the living room. His hair spiked and full of glitter, like he always had it. They both sat on opposite ends of the couch and patted in between them, motioning for her to sit too.

“Your birthday is next week. I know you have plans with your boyfriend, but I think you should stay home instead.” Alec said, studying Kayla’s face as he spoke.

“Why would you ask me that? You know I have been waiting for weeks to go on this vacation with him.” Kayla looked dumb founded.  They gave her their blessings when she brought it up before, although hesitant at first since they haven’t met him yet.  How could they do this to her?  Now, of all times?  She was finally able to be herself around somebody. She was about to turn 19. Technically she could go anyway, and they couldn’t do anything to stop her.  Unless her Papa decided to use a magic barrier, but she doubted he would go so far.

“It’s for your own good Sweet Pea.” Magnus gently touched her shoulder.  Kayla shrugged away from Magnus. The more they spoke, the more hurt she felt.  How could they still be treating me like a child? She thought, tears threatening to escape her eyes.

Alec took in a deep breath. “This is important.”

Kayla cut him off before he could continue. Tears strewn down her face in full force. “So is this trip! I have been looking forward to it for weeks. WEEKS!” She rubbed at her eyes before continuing her tirade. “I love you both very much, but I am going. Period!” With that she stood up and began to cast a portal. Both her parents tried to stop her, but she stepped through. It vanished behind her.

Alec and Magnus looked at each other.  Worry and a slew of mixed emotions evident on both of their faces.

Alec stood up and grabbed Kayla’s backpack. “Looks like we need to pack her things. I was hoping we had more time.”  He walked over to his bedroom closet and riffled through a box buried in a corner.  It contained letters, pictures, and other mementos of the past.  Memories he only recalled earlier that morning.

“She shouldn’t have to go through this. Is there any way we can prevent it?” Magnus looked defeated. The last time Alec remembered him looking like that was when they were broken up and he found Alec at the park in the rain.  That day brought a surge of anguish he would rather not think about at that moment.

“We have no choice.” Alec packed a few letters and photographs in her bag.  When he finished, he carried the box to the living room and placed it on the coffee table.  He retrieved a pen and paper from the study and scribbled a note.


Sorry for the abrupt change in our attitudes. The truth is, we don’t have much time with you anymore.  We were hoping that this day wouldn’t come for a while, but it did.  You must bring this note to Clary and let her read it.  She will explain the rest and know what to do.

We love you very much and couldn’t be prouder of the woman you will become.  Be safe and always remember to trust your heart and instincts.  Also give Jonathan our best.

Love always,
Daddy and Papa

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