AU - Awakening: Prologue

Ancestry Universe: Awakening (Deities Saga #1)
Genre: Fantasy
*This is my own original work*


     “Please, let him go. Please!” Her sobs echoed throughout the room.  She reached out her hand, as if willing the man to stop.  The gash on her forehead was still bleeding.  Her vision was beginning to fail her.  She knew her time was coming to an end.

     The man walked closer to the body on the ground.  Lonan was nearly unconscious.  He had done his best to protect her and she couldn't return the favor.  The man grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off the ground.  Kayla screamed at the top of her lungs “Stop!”  Her throat was burning, the blood and sweat from her head was draining into her mouth.  It was making her choke back bile.  She ignored the discomfort and throbbing pain as best as she could.  She continued to reach out, inching farther every moment.  “Please, I love him” she spit out some of the blood from her mouth.  “Let him go.”  Her tears clouded her vision.  The world was spinning.  She felt disconnected from her body; her mind became unfocused.  She was fading into nothingness.

A/N: I will be posting the first novels in each series of Ancestry Universe as chapters/parts.  These are lightly edited.  Later on (probably after I post 10 chapters) I will be making an Indigogo campaign to help fund the making of a book.  That is TBD at a later time, if I do it at all.

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