The Shoot-Out

“The Shoot-Out” by Kyleen McHenry

                “Wake up!” Richard looked into Mark's eyes.  They were not focusing properly.  He hit him hard on his shoulder.

                Mark suddenly became focused. “Why'd you hit me? That hurt.”  He slowly began to lose his focus again.

                “Please man, don't die on me. Please.”  His voice began to crack, tears welled up in his eyes.  “We swore that we'd leave the Bronx together.  Don't give up on me now.”

                Mark tried to sit up, but to no avail.  The pain was becoming more and more unbearable with each passing second.  The blood was spilling out from his wound on his side.  He could feel the bullet that pierced his flesh only minutes ago.  “I think I'm done for.  Just grant me one last request big brother.”


                “Kill those sons a bitches.”

                Richard shook his head in acknowledgement.  “I promise. They will pay for what they did to you.”

                Mark's face was losing color.  What used to be so bright and full of life was now dingy and pale.  He always had such a spark like no one else he ever knew.  Mark's chest stopped moving.  His hands fell to his side, limp and lifeless.  Richard knew that his little brother was gone.  He stood up and grabbed the gun that his brother was holding.

It's hunting the only thought that went through his head.

                Richard, full of grief and rage, started toward the Shamrock Gang's territory.  The bone-chilling night air blow wildly.  He hardly felt it.  With each passing step, he became more numb, reminiscing the times he spent with his little brother.

- - - - - - - - - - -

                They walked down the Bronx River after school so they could play tag at the Bronx Park.  Their mother, Clarissa, would make them fresh backed sweats if they did good in school the previous week.  They would stay up late studying when they were in Morris High School, which was previously named Cooper High School.  They wanted to go to Brooklyn Law School to be an attorney team of brothers, Richard and Mark: the attorneys for the people.

                Their dreams changed when their mother died when Richard was a senior and Mark was only a Sophomore.  Richard had to drop out of school in order to provide for his little brother.  He ended up joining the Archer Boys Gang shortly after.  Times were tough for two kids with nothing to their names.  His brother graduated high school with honors but ended up joining the gang instead of attending college.  Now, after all of their hard work and dedication, Mark is dead and Richard is on his way either to his death or the death of all the Shamrocks.

- - - - - - - - - - -

                It was the Shamrocks staging ground for practically everything that they did.  He got the information from one of their old gang members who defected to the Archer's side of the war.  He moved as silently as a mouse.  Conviction was shown on his face like never-before.  He was poised to strike back at the tyrants who took his old reason for being left.  He love Mark like a son at times, he did raise him while his mom was at work.  Even took care of bullies at school for him throughout the years.

                Richard walked into the warehouse.  He heard several voices talking to each other.  “Did you see their faces.  Priceless!”

                “They died so easily.  It's almost like a crime.”  Laughing filled the room.  Richard rage increased, he almost let his position be known.

                Richard peeked around the crates and boxes to get a better view of the room and people occupying it.  He spotted the person who shot Mark, gun raised, he aimed and fired.  The backlash was nothing in comparison to his satisfaction og hitting his target.  The crowd roared.  Guns blazing in his direction.  He hid deeper, almost blending with his surroundings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                The man who was standing next to the boy he shot picked him up in his arms and cried.  He became angry after the tears would not flow anymore.  “You bastard!  Come out so I can finish you once and for all!”  He still held the boy close to him.  Never wavering his grip, like holding a porcelain doll.

                Richard looked confused for a moment.  Then he stepped out in the open.  “I surrender.”

                The other man raised one hand as to halt the others.  He was obviously the leader.  The Shamrocks lowered their guns.  “Who are you?”  He looked down at the boy again.  “And why did you kill my baby brother?”

                Richard lost the color in his face.  He dropped his gun and fell to his knees.  “He killed Mark, my baby brother.”

                “It was an accident.  He got in the middle of the fight because your brother tried to kill me.  He was only 11 years old.”

                Richard stared at the ground.  He could feel a piercing sensation in his heart.  How could he deny a little boy his life...he was only 11...t was an accident...

                The air became colder, he started to have convulsions.  He looked back up.  “My rage consumed me.  I am sorry.”

                The gang leader shot Richard.  He lay there lifeless like his brother did.

Malec's Daughter Chapter 3

Malec’s Daughter (a Shadowhunters Fanfiction)
Mature (18+)


Kayla had been to the New York Institute countless times growing up.  When she was barely able to walk Papa would take her there to visit Daddy while he was hard at work.  She would watch her older brother Rafe train and eventually earn his first rune.  At 10, Kayla already learned how to wield a whip like her Aunt Izzy and the bow like her Dad.  However, her Warlock blood seemed to be stronger than her Shadowhunter blood.  Her cat-eyes would appear every time she used any magic, even lesser amounts, or when she willed them to, which was rare.  This made her parents scared to have her ruined at first, but Kayla wanted to be a Shadowhunter more than anything.  She admired her father, aunt, and family friends who were Shadowhunters.


“Kayla, what’s the matter?” Jonathan sat next to her.  She looked up and saw he wore his human glamor.  He always did when they were together.  “Did somebody hurt you?”

She opened her mouth to speak but words failed her.  She flung her arms around him and wept harder than before.  He put his arms around her, and they sat on the rooftop, wordless, but speaking volumes in that moment.


Kayla stepped out into the crowd, walking to the Silent Brother who would perform her ceremony.  She looked up and did a silent prayer to the angels to give her strength and courage.  She had completed her training and was ready, or at least she prayed she was.  Fear crept at the pit of her stomach.  Is my Warlock blood too strong?  Am I meant to be a Shadowhunter?  Kayla’s mind whirled.

“Sweetie,” Alec cleared his throat, “the Oath.”

After taking a breath to steady her nerves, Kayla began to recite their sacred oath.

I stand before my fellow Shadowhunters / To the Angel, I entrust my life,
To receive the rune of the Angel. / And vow to uphold the laws of Heaven.
I take this
Mark to honor Him;
To bring His light into me...
So I may join the ranks of the
The guardians of peace.

The Silent Brother took the stele and began to draw the Angelic Rune on her arm.  The point of contact the stele made with her bare skin burned.  A pain she never experienced in her life.  Her blood boiled, her skin flaked, her stomach lurched.  She couldn’t contain the pain anymore and screamed.  Her cats-eyes appeared in her tear stained face, magic encircled her while her shrieks steadily grew louder.  All she could think about was for the pain to go away.  She lashed out, not realizing what she was doing.  Everyone in the room was thrown back.  Alec, Clary, Simon, Izzy, and even Magnus, who was only permitted to be there because he was her father.

After the pain stopped, Kayla slowly came back to herself.  She looked up and saw what she had done to everyone she cared about.  Tears flowed harder and she teleported out of the institute and back to the alleyway she always seemed to escape to.


After nearly an hour, Kayla finally stopped crying.  Jonathan still held her tight, not wanting to lose the closeness.  “Feeling better?”  She nodded.  “What happened?”

She looked up into his eyes.  “I think I prefer your black eyes over your blue ones.  Actually, I prefer you without your glamour altogether.”  Jonathan shook his head, smiling.  He only ever smiled for her it seemed.

“If you aren’t going to tell me you should just say so and not try to change the subject with a blatant lie.”

“I mean it.  You said that same thing about my cat-eyes.”

“That is different.”

“How so?”

“It just is!”  He started to raise his voice.  Jonathan was clearly losing his temper.

“I don’t think…” Before Kayla could finish her thought, Jonathan kissed her.  She was floored.  It was only their second kiss.

Memories of the first time came flooding back into her mind.  The rest of the world, all its problems, dissolved into nothingness.


A/N: I have two planned bonus chapters later on in the story.  One where Kayla’s parents get their memories back (it will make sense later), and the one where she relives their first kiss.  They will both be short though.

The Mini-Plays (Draft 10/282019) by Kyleen McHenry

WARNING: These plays may contain sensitive topics (miscarriage, death, depression, and so on). **The first mini-play is free to the public...