The Linguist Chapter 10

The Linguist (a Loki fanfiction)
Rating: Mature (meant for 18+)


Disclaimer: These events take place during the movie The Avengers.


Loki was pacing in his cell, deep in thought by the looks of it.

I walk over to the chair just outside the cage and sat down.  After waiting for a few moments, I decide to yell, “Loki!”  He whirled and looked in my direction.  Apparently, he was not paying attention after all.

He smiled after he noticed it was me.  “How long have you been here?”

“Only for a few moments.”  I smile back at him.

He took a seat on the bench inside his cell.  “Are you here to keep me company, or is there something else on your mind?”

“I want Selvig and Barton back.  I want to free them from your mind control.  Where is your base, Loki?”

“Oh, I cannot do that, not yet.  I still need them.”

“Need them for what?  What are you going to do to them once you accomplish your goals?”  I started to fight back tears, my frustration was getting the better of me.  “Please, don’t hurt them.”

Loki slowly stood up and walked to the edge of the cage.  He placed his hand on the glass.  “I am sorry for making you suffer like this dearest Emily, but I have come too far to just give up now.  When this is over, I promise to let them go.”  His voice was so gentle, not at all like the Loki from earlier.  I could see the compassion in his eyes.  I could get lost in those eyes.  My heart ached, for my friends, for what he planned to do to the Earth, and to my surprise, for Loki.  What he went through, the bits I was aware of, had to take a part in what he has become.  When I see him like this, a total contrast to when he was holding his scepter, I felt that it had to be doing something to him.  I was still unsure what that was, I get a strange feeling from it.  A power that wasn’t meant for him.

I wiped away the tears.  “I believe you,” To my surprise, I really did believe him, “but it isn’t right.  They don’t deserve to be manipulated like this.”  I looked away from him.  “No one does.  I know that your upbringing wasn’t the greatest, but that is no excuse to treat people like pawns.”

I heard footsteps approaching from a distance.  One benefit from my air manipulation is that I can hear things better than most.  I turned back to Loki.  “If you truly want me to be your queen, then I ask you to let them go, now.”

Loki turned away from me.  “I cannot.”

“Then I guess we are at an impasse.”  I turned to walk away.

“Emily!”  I turn back around to see Loki, he looked in anguish.  “I will show you that I truly care for you, but I will be king”

“Being king isn’t everything, whether you were born to be or not.”  I left the room.  I couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.  As I was walking away, I noticed Natasha walking toward his cell.  I went the other way.  I didn’t want anyone to see me cry.



After Emily left, Agent Romanoff snuck in to my cell.  Both times I was distracted because of Emily.  I could hear her cries as she walked away.  I know I hurt her greatly.  My heart began to hurt, I was unsure why.  I wanted to hold her and tell her that I would give up my quest, but something was holding me back.  A voice in my head urging me forward, I had come too far to just turn away from my destiny, my birthright.  How does she have this effect on me?  The conversation got heated between Agent Romanoff, to the point where I threatened to kill her by using Agent Barton, then kill him afterwards.  If Emily heard me say those things to Romanoff, she would be even more upset.  I also let it slip that I was after the Hulk.  Still not sure how that happened?

Emily came back to the cell once Barton and the others arrived.

“What is going on?” she asked nearly breathless.  Beads of sweat were dripping down her face.  She must have been running to reach my cell.  It reminded me of the other day when I took her from S.H.I.E.L.D. after coming through the Tesseract.

“My exit plan, stay close so you can escape with me.”

“I am not going with you, not unless you release my friends first.”

“I already told you I cannot do that.”  My agitation was growing.

“Last chance, I mean it Loki.”  Her eyes looked sharper than before.  I could tell by her whole demeanor that she was nearing her breaking point and could strike at any moment.  I like this woman more with each change I notice in her.



One of Loki’s lackies grabbed me after they infiltrated the base.  I headbutted him in the face and spun to punch him.  He grabbed my fist and started to twist my arm.  I cried out in pain. 

“Enough!” Loki yelled, “do not harm her or I will kill you myself.”  The brute let me go and I lowered my fist.  They let Loki out of his cell right before Thor came barging in.

The rest was a blur, Thor was propelling down, locked in the cage Loki was just in, Coulson was dying from when Loki stuck him with his spear, and I was being taken away by one of Loki’s men to the plane we are going to escape from.  I was in shock, crying over Coulson and Thor, and partially relieved that Loki wasn’t in the cage anymore.  What is wrong with me?  My emotions are getting the better of me. That seemed to be the only real thought that came to mind.  How could I be worried about that maniac?  One moment he seems to have compassion, and the next, he is a cold-hearted killer.

We all ended up in a plane and escaped the helicarrier.  When Loki arrived, I noticed that his clothing in the front was chard and pain visible on his face.  I ended up sitting next to him after the doors closed and tried to touch the armor where he seemed to be hit.  Loki grabbed my wrist before I could touch him.  “What are you doing?” He looked me in the eyes, his expression showed his anger mixed with pain.

“I am trying to see if you are injured and need help.  Do you have a problem with that?” My voice was sharp, my irritation and anger showing just as much as his did.  He studied me for a long moment, his eyes slowly growing softer.  His grip on my wrist was slacking but he did not let go right away.  He gently caressed my wrist with his thumb before releasing me.  I couldn’t stop the smile and giggle that followed from the contact.

“May I?”  He nodded and I began to examine his armor.  The part of skin that showed, looked to already be healing on its own.  Then my hands and eyes trailed down other areas that looked worn from combat.  I decided to use this time to study him, to find any weakness I could take advantage of later.  My mother would be proud.  She taught me all I knew of combat and I was very grateful for the lessons.  It was becoming clear that I would have to stop him with force once we landed, talking was doing no good.  I traced my fingers along his arms, resting them on his right bicep.  They were toned and my breath hitched a little when I first touched them.  He is very muscular; I wonder how long he could hold me up in the shower?  The leather really does suit him, especially does wonders for his ass.  I stared at it more than once at his secret base.  I slid my hand slowly toward his chest next.  I slowed over his heart, the beating seemed to be strong and fast.  I was puzzled why it was and slowly looked him in the eyes.  That was a mistake.  He was gazing at me, eyes intent, a sort of carnal desire in them.  My breath hitched.

“Please continue,” he said, his voice sounded like silk.  My lips parted and my heart seemed to stop beating.  I forgot how to breathe.  He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.  I knew that I had to get away, or I would drown in those eyes.  Blue green like the sea.



“I am trying to see if you are injured and need help.  Do you have a problem with that?”  Emily’s anger looked nearly uncontrollable.  I sympathized with her but was touched by her sentiment.  Did she really concern by my safety?  Even after all I did to Selvig and Agent Barton?  I thought over some possible reasons for wanting me alive, probably because the others were still under my control, and she wasn’t sure if they would be freed if I were to die.  I slowly began to release her wrist.  I rubbed my thumb along it to help from my grip, I knew I was not being gentle earlier.  The most wonderful sound escaped her lips.  Is she giggling at me touching her like this?  Oh, this will be fun, I mused.  “May I?” She asked, gesturing to my person.  I only nodded my assent, reluctantly letting go of her wrist.  I was touched with the gesture of her looking at my wounds.

I was mesmerized by her beauty.  Her fingers trailed along my torso, arm, biceps, and rested on my chest.  Her expression growing more sensual as she explored my body.  My heartbeat louder, faster as she moved.  My skin warmed as she touched it.  My body was responding to her in ways that I haven’t felt in many years.  I wanted to embrace her, smell her hair, and never let her go.  I yearned to be closer to her.  An inferno was awakening, one in which I never experience before.  I was afraid.  Afraid she would hate me because of what I did, what I have done, and what I could do.  I was a monster, and I would just hurt her with my vengeance.  I should stop this and just be with her.  When I wanted to say as much, my mouth wouldn’t work.  My mind was a blur.  It kept urging me on my course, damn the rest, even this golden-hair woman before me.

She gazed up at me, and her breathe stopped for a moment.  My desire for her was becoming unbearable.  I wanted to kiss her, devour her, and make her mine.  “Please continue,” I cooed.  Her lips parted, her breathing seemed to stop completely, and her cheeks were starting to become a brilliant shade of red.  I was becoming undone.  I leaned closer to her.  Silently asking for permission to claim her lips, I stopped mere inches from her lips.  Moments passed, that felt like an eternity, she began to move closer to me.  Emily suddenly pulled away, and my heart ached.  She stood up and moved to the seat across from me like she was before her examination.  The rest of the flight was met with silence.  My heart breaking by the rejection.  Both of us in deep thought.

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