Random Poem

Random Poem
was written for a class assignment in 2011.

Love conquers all things big or small,
from the world to a single grain of sand.
As the willow grows from a seed to sapling,
life is ever-changing.

The willow as frail as a leaf,
as strong as a cannon.
Bring to life through the ages of time.
Bring unto life through the looking glass.

From ash to dust.
My life 'o father frail as a winter snow.
Bring he unto me like sand in an hour glass.
Shine like the crystal bright.

Gems as blue as the night sky.
Clear as day all around.
Flight to fancy.
Fright as night.
Tangible as a piece of paper.
Echoes in the world.

Fly to freedom in the dead of night.
The forgotten will be remembered again.
Everything anew and reborn.

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