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Malec's Daughter Blurb

Malec’s Daughter
Written by Kyleen McHenry
Inspired by: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

What if Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood found a way to have a child?
What if they found the way because that child traveled through time?
"Malec's Daughter" tells the story of Kayla Maryse Lightwood-Bane.  She travels to the past to save her parents and discover secrets from their past that will change her life forever.

*I plan on releasing this one as I write it, actual dates are not confirmed, or consistency of actual posts. I do not currently have cover art for the book yet, will post it when I do.


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Pending Posts (July 2019)

So, my internet decided not to work for the house. Our provider is trying to troubleshoot but will be a bit before it is back up. I have tons of character bios, poetry, old short stories, & more to post but will have to wait. I start back school on Monday, so if nothing else, I can start posting when I am there.

Sorry but the files are all on flash drives so can't just add them from my phone, or I would. Also, I will need to skip Monday's release of the fanfic (The Linguist) due to this problem. I will try to post it a week late. At least the other stuff should help in the process.

Have a great rest of your week and look forward to posting a ton of old content throughout July.


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The following is the prologue for an upcoming RPG my husband (John McHenry) & myself (Kyleen McHenry) are creating.  This is just the story prologue that will be featured in the Player's Guide.  We have character sheets, spell mechanics, and other information finalized (or in the process of).

Crowdfunding campaign to make this Player's Guide happen (perks involved) can be found on Indigogo.

Discord (public & private for Ky's Korner Productions)


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