Cosmic Weirdness

Cosmic Weirdness
This was written for a college assignment.  All of us listed wrote our respective lines as a group.  This was back in 2011.

1.K M R Daley       Kyleen Daley
2.Michael Morgan    James Compton
3.Will Stein        William Corpstein
4.Trini Grim        Katrina Grimaudo
5.Vito Haynes       Christopher Haynes
6.Ravyn Krow        Kyle Williams

1.Through the depths of winter light breaks through the sky.
2.It was a fierce blizzard but now the birds can fly.
3.They lift into the sky and take direction to the south were they will stay dry.
4.The heat, the sweat, the dryness of the air, can kill an unknown person.
5.Falling through to the depths of the Earth
6.Crashing into the center without a care
1.Like riding on thin air.
2.Dead if they try riding on a bear
3.It may be less dangerous to sit upon an animal with softer hair
4.But it maybe easier to be an animal with softer hair
5.Or perhaps the animal isn't really there
6.The downward spiral laying everything bare.

1.Day and night
2.Day and night I sleep all the time but I never get any thinner
3.Day and Night, birds and bears I write
4.Day and night, happens every time.
5.Day and night never has and never will be
6.Day and night are the twins eternal.

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