The Linguist Chapter 7

The Linguist (a Loki fanfiction)
Rating: Mature (meant for 18+)


Disclaimer: These events take place during the movie The Avengers.


“I don’t care if you hurt me, just let the others go.”  The Midgardian looked me in the eyes.

She has spirit.  I thought as I weighed in different plans for this woman.  “You would risk yourself for them?”  I pointed at the two I captured earlier.  “They are already under my control, why did you not just flee while we were still at the compound?”

She glanced over in their direction.  It was only for an instant, but noticeable to me.  “I had to make sure they made it out of there alive.  Now,” she inhaled a deep breath before continuing, “I want to set them free.”

I sensed no lies in her words.  She must really care about these people.  More than I originally anticipated.  Perhaps I could use her without the mind control?

“What was that Thing anyway?”

Her words broke me out of my reverie.  I nearly forgotten that she saw the exchange with the Other.  How was that possible?  How was she able to hear me before I even came to Midgar?  “It does not concern you.”

“It looks like you associated with the wrong people before coming to Earth.”

“How could you be so calm?”  I was truly puzzled.  “I am standing right in front of you.  I haven’t even let go of your arm.”  One moment she seemed scared and unable to think, the next she was ready to fight for those she cares about.

She shrugged her shoulders at my words.  “After what I just saw, I am not totally convinced you are as bad as you seem.  Or at least things from your past have affected you in ways no one bothered to try and understand.”

I slowly let go of her arm.  There was no use in trying to scare her into helping me, she was too clever for that.  Far too clever for her own good.  “Well then, how willing are you to help me with my plans?”

She looked at the two again, for more than just a glance this time.  “I suppose it depends on what you need me to do, and if you will keep them safe.”

“I do not wish to have my subjects be dispatched so easily.”  She turned to face me once more.  Her eyes were blue like the sea.  How did I not notice them earlier? 

“What is it you have planned?”

“I will let you know once I have need, Midgardian.”


“I beg your pardon?”

“That’s my name, Emily Nelson.”

“Why would I call you by your name?”  She smirked.

“How else am I to know you are talking to me and not some other ‘Midgarian.’  There are a few of us here after all.”  She gestured to the scientists working in the background.

I am starting to like this Midgardian.  This Emily.


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