The Linguist Chapter 5

The Linguist (a Loki fanfiction)
Rating: Mature (meant for 18+)


Disclaimer: These events take place during the movie The Avengers.


“I got it!” I screamed with glee.  I turned around and bumped into Clint, forgetting he was with me momentarily.

He put both hands on my shoulders so I would stop trying to walk into him.  I was just so excited I couldn’t help it.  “Slow down their tiger.  Got what?”

I grinned “I know what it does.”  I pointed to the book I was holding.  “Here, look for yourself.”

“The cube is a doorway to the other end of space.  It is not yet confirmed to where it actually leads.”  He read out loud.  “You mean that the thing you and Selvig have been studying is basically a door?”

“Yes, but a magical one.  Just think about it.”  I took a giant gulp of water from the bottle I was holding with my other hand before continuing.  “The attack in New Mexico, where your people found me, had tons of magic.  What makes this any less likely?”

“I see your point.”  After discussing all my findings with Clint, I headed home.  My work with the project had finally been done now that they know what it was, and I wasn’t a scientist, so I couldn’t be of much more use at the time.  I still visited often to see if I could find out more about the device and any history that wasn’t found yet.

A few weeks later I was still studying the secret volumes at S.H.I.E.L.D., which they let me have access to since I was helping Erik with his project.  Thankfully Clint didn’t tell them I found most of the answers they were looking for.  I wanted as much time to study these books as I could get.  Alarms began to sound throughout the base.

An agent came into the library.  “You need to leave.  The whole city is being evacuated.”  I placed the book I was studying back on the shelf, grabbed my backpack and started heading out of the building.  Before I reached the entrance, I remembered Erik was there and probably in the testing room.  I sprinted back through the building to make sure he was alright.  I arrived at the room.  I was catching my breath when something happened.  I was not prepared to see it.

A beam came from the cube and a seismic blast erupted.  From the blast, a blue silhouette of a man appeared that was engulfed in the flames.  As the flames faded the man looked up.  The smile on his face sent chills down my spine.  He nearly blasted Nick, thankfully Clint saved him.  Then he lunged and punctured one of the guards with the scepter he was holding.  Daggers were thrown, more blasts emitted from the jewel on top of the scepter.  He went to Clint and touched him with it.  Then another agent.  Nick grabbed the cube and put it into the brief case.

“Please don’t.”  I immediately recognized the voice as the one I heard the first day Erik came to the facility.  Plus a few other times throughout the months I was working with Erik on the cube.  I knew I wasn’t crazy! “I still need that.”

“This doesn’t have to get any messier.” Nick said, gripping the briefcase tighter.

“Of course it does.  I’ve come too far for anything else.  I am Loki, of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose.”  If I could see myself in a mirror, my eyes would have probably looked like they were bulging out of their sockets.  I was not prepared to meet a GOD!  Let alone one that I worshiped.  How could one be burdened with glorious purpose?

“Loki, brother of Thor.”  Erik chimed in.  He began to stand back up.

“We have no quarrel with your people.”  Nick said to Loki.

“An ant has no quarrel with a boot.”

“Are you planning on stepping on us?”  As Nick said that, I thought that was exactly what he planned on doing.  He is revered as a god is mythology.  It wouldn’t be hard to see that as a possible outcome.

“I come with glad tidings of a world made free.”

“Free from what?”

“Freedom.  Freedom is life’s great lie.  Once you accept that, in your heart…” he pointed his scepter at Erik.  Oh no! I thought furiously.  Please be alright. “You will know peace.”

“Yeah, you say ‘peace,’ I kind of think you mean the other thing.”

Clint broke in.  “Sir, Director Fury is stalling.  This place is bound to blow and drop one hundred feet of rock on us.  He means to bury us.”

I looked up.  The portal where Loki came from did look to be unstable.  Fear rose in me.  I had to get Erik and the others out.  I must use my abilities, I thought.  I took a few deep breathes to steady my nerves.  My mother was right, this always helped me to focus on tasks I needed to accomplish.  I just hope, Erik moved to the computer.

Erik was on the computer and reading the data.  “He’s right.  The portal is collapsing in on itself.  We’ve got maybe two minutes before this goes critical.”

“Well, then…” Loki looked over at Clint.

Clint raised his gun and shot Fury.  I screamed.  That was a mistake.  Loki turned and saw me.  His mouth moved and a barely audible “Oh” came from him.

Clint grabbed the briefcase, Loki grabbed me, and we were headed out the door.  I tried to pull free, but his grip tightened as I struggled.  As we were heading out, he whispered to me.  “If you so much as try to escape or say a word to anyone.  I will kill all your friends I just took and anyone who tries to aid you.”  I stopped struggling.  He let me go and I followed them out to the garage where the cars were.



A scream drew my attention.  It was the same female who I keep seeing whenever I visited Midgar.  How is it our paths keep crossing?  In a split-second decision, I ended up grabbing her.  There will be time to use my scepter after we are safe from the wormhole.

“If you so much as try to escape or say a word to anyone.  I will kill all your friends I just took and anyone who tries to aid you.”  To my surprise, she stopped struggling.  I let her go.  There was no need to hold her anyone.  I knew she would heed my words as true.

She went into the backseat of the car we took.  I sat in the truck bed so I could blast anyone who might follow us.

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