The Linguist Chapter 4

The Linguist (a Loki fanfiction)
Rating: Mature (meant for 18+)

Disclaimer: These events take place during the movie The Avengers.



“Please bring your reports to Director Fury before you leave for the night.” Clint said before going back to his duties.

“Sure thing.  Do you need anything else before I go, Clint?”  He shook his head and I headed down the corridor to were he was.  I heard a voice that sounded like Erik’s when I was approaching the corner to get to Fury but couldn’t make out what he said.  Why is Erik here?  I wondered and stopped before rounding it.

“I have been hearing about the New Mexico situation.”  I froze as I heard Nick speak.  A sudden chill went down my spine.  I wanted to forget what almost happened to my family, friends, and myself.  It was because of that day that I now was in New York working with S.H.E.L.D.  I never knew this organization existed until that incident.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected.  “Your work has impressed a lot of people who are much smarter than I am.”

“I have a lot to work with.”  Yep, classic Erik, I thought to myself.  A huge smirk was now on my face.  He was the closest person I had to a father.  He helped raise Jane and me when our parents died.  “The Fostler Theory.  A gateway to another dimension.”  Another dimension?  I listened more intently.  Curiosity getting the better of me.  “It’s unprecedented.”  He paused for a moment.  “Isn’t it?”

I heard footsteps, they must be walking away.  I decided to go around the corner so I could keep listening.  I walked slowly and tried to keep a distance so not to make them stop talking.

“Legend tells us one thing, history another.”

I shook my head, agreeing with what Nick was telling Erik.  I understood completely what he meant.  I studied mythology, history, and various folklore a good part of my life.  I was fascinated by it.  When I was a teenager, I had an appreciation for Hades, Greek’s, and Loki, Norse.  Both spoke to me.  “Death is imminent with all living things.” Was what I told my mom whenever I talked to her about my decision for worshiping Hades.  For Loki, I would always tell her that “who doesn’t love a bit of mischief every now and then.  It doesn’t hurt that I thrive in chaos as well.  Thanks to all your training.”  That wasn’t the full truth to why I worshiped him too.  How does one tell your mother you think that the books could be wrong and there was probably a reason for what was writing in them?

After the events in New Mexico, I studied even more, primarily about the Norse mythology.  I found some books at S.H.I.E.L.D.S. headquarters that weren’t available to the general public.  Even more was for reserved for higher ranking officers.  I longed to get my hands on those ones.  I don’t agree with what Loki did to Thor, or Puente Antiguo, but he must have had his reasons.   Why else cause so much mayhem in a world that he wasn’t even a part of?

“But every now and then we find something that belongs to both.”  Nick opened a briefcase and as he did a faint blueish light emitted from it.  My curiosity spiked and I walked up to them.  Not caring if they saw or heard me anymore.

“What is it?”

“Power, doctor.  If we can figure out how to tap into it.  Maybe unlimited power.”

“Well I guess that’s worth a look.”  I heard a third voice coming from just behind Erik but didn’t see anyone there.  Right after I heard it Erik said the exact same thing.  My jaw dropped.  What the hell just happened?  As soon as Erik spoke Fury turned his gave up and saw me just a few steps behind Erik.

“May I help you Ms. Nelson?”  I looked straight into Nick’s eyes.  I know I pissed him off by coming and not saying anything, but I will deal with that later.

I glanced down at the blue light and saw an oddly marked cube in the brief case.  “Did you guys hear that a moment ago?

“The only thing I know is you standing there and eavesdropping on our conversation.”  He looked extremely annoyed at me.

“I heard some guy say the same thing Erik did, but before him.  It was faint, but I swear someone is here.”  I looked at the cube again.  “That looks familiar.”

Nick’s expression changed from annoyance to thrilled.  Well as close to thrilled as he could be.  The guy was always serious.  Or what I like to call him, a buzzkill.  “In one of your books?  Or from somewhere else?”

“I think it was from one of the ones I found at this facility actually.  I don’t remember for certain.”

“Dr. Selvig,” Nick looked back at Erik again, “it looks like you will have the help of Ms. Nelson with this project.”

“Splendid.”  Erik turned and gave me a hug.  “I have missed you my dear.”

I hugged him back just as tight as he hugged me.  I was so happy to see him again, and even better it would be for a good amount of time by the sound of the conversation I overheard.



“I heard some guy say the same thing Erik did, but before him.  It was faint, but I swear someone is here.”  I whirled about and saw the same female that was at the place I fought Thor.  The one who didn’t cower at the destroyer walking toward her.

How did she hear me?  How is that even possible?  My magic is strong, and I was only focusing on the Midgardian scientist to hear me.  I am not even in their world yet?  I am still with the Other and the Chitauri.

“That looks familiar.”  I turned back around to stare at the Tesseract.  How would she know about it?  My mind raced with possibilities.  Will she ruin my plans?  How best to use her for my return and conquering of her planet?  Should I kill her now?  So many thoughts, I had to calculate all outcomes before my return.  Perhaps it may take me longer than anticipated due to this unexpected occurrence.

“Dr. Selvig, it looks like you will have the help of Ms. Nelson on this project.”

I groaned.  Seems like I have no choice but to keep her alive or the Midgardians might become suspicious.  “Splendid.” I heard Selvig say.  Then he hugged her, and I let my mind return to my body.  I do not care for Midgardian feelings or friendships.  They are lesser than me and I will rule them and take my vengeance on Thor and the people he loves so much!  Everyone will pay for what they have done to me!

I spoke to the Other.  “I have an idea.”

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