Today is my son's birthday.  So I was unable to write the one-off I wanted to post today.  Don't fear, I have the next chapter of "The Linguist" ready to go for the 14th.  So instead, I figured I would announce the main character for the next series (events from the two series will coincide together on/off).

Agent Nick Matthews.  He is a Hydra operative working under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar (double agent).  I plan on starting the release of this one summer 2019 (fingers crossed).  I have a good start with it now, but his events are more after the first Emily Nelson one, so might take a bit longer to get his to full-swing.  Only a few chapters are early on in Emily's story.  A majority of it is after the first one.  Stay tuned for chapter 4 of Emily's journey, and I will try to get my first one-off to you all end of March.  It will be a different fandom, not the Marvel Universe.  Just heads up on that!

Until next time.

Kyleen McHenry
Ky's Korner host 

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