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Hey sorry for not posting yesterday.  Kids had 3 snow days this week so my days were totally off.  I am just writing to let you all know I added some new sections to my site.  My Marvel Universe, a new series I am planning out, and also going to work on some One-shots that don't have anything to do with any of the series.  These are just a completed story that are all stand-alone's.  I will be posting them as I complete them.  If you have any particular pairings  you wish to read about let me know and will see what I can do.  Have a good one.

*ADDED*  I will be posting more than just Marvel fanfiction on this site.  Unable to change the URL since I already created the pages, etc.  Just throwing that out there.

Ky's Korner (Kyleen McHenry)


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So, my internet decided not to work for the house. Our provider is trying to troubleshoot but will be a bit before it is back up. I have tons of character bios, poetry, old short stories, & more to post but will have to wait. I start back school on Monday, so if nothing else, I can start posting when I am there.

Sorry but the files are all on flash drives so can't just add them from my phone, or I would. Also, I will need to skip Monday's release of the fanfic (The Linguist) due to this problem. I will try to post it a week late. At least the other stuff should help in the process.

Have a great rest of your week and look forward to posting a ton of old content throughout July.


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The Awakening: Prolouge | Role-Playing Game

The following is the prologue for an upcoming RPG my husband (John McHenry) & myself (Kyleen McHenry) are creating.  This is just the story prologue that will be featured in the Player's Guide.  We have character sheets, spell mechanics, and other information finalized (or in the process of).

Crowdfunding campaign to make this Player's Guide happen (perks involved) can be found on Indigogo.

Discord (public & private for Ky's Korner Productions)


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