The Linguist Chapter 3

The Linguist (a Loki fanfiction)
Rating: Mature (meant for 18+)


Disclaimer: This chapter takes place during the movie Thor.


I arrived into town a bit after the others did.  I looked around for them, and Jane, but didn’t see anyone that I wanted to.  A few minutes later the sky began to do the same thing it did when the others arrived at the bridge.  “What is happening now?”  I asked to no one in particular.  After a moment I heard everyone running, getting into cars, and panicking.  I saw Jane in the distance helping people into cars.  I started to head in her direction until I heard something behind me.  A giant suit of armor was walking into town.  “What the hell is that?” I was in awe of the sheer size.  The face of the armor opened, and flames began to build up were the opening was at.  It let out a laser blast, hitting a building.  Glass shattered and the building was on fire.  Everyone was in a frenzy even more than before.  I whipped around and looked at the direction Jane was at a moment ago, but she had already left to help more people.

The four individuals I saw leaving the bridge were heading toward the suit of armor.  The woman sped off in a different direction and I lost sight of her.  The other three faced it head on.  “For Asgard!” one of them shouted while been propelled toward it.  I hid along the corner of a building when I saw him flying.  I didn’t know what else to do.  The person was swatted away, and the female jumped off the roof spearing a javelin into the neck of the creature.  Another blast went off and I put my hands over my ears. The creature and fighting were right near me now.

Despite all my training up to this point, I was still terrified.  It is one thing to prepare for a fight, completely different for it to happen right in front of you.  I couldn’t hear, couldn’t think straight.  I wanted to get as far away from there as possible, but I also wanted to get to Jane and make sure she was alright.  The conflicted feelings were enough to drive a person mad.

Another explosion.  I turned up to look after it and saw Jane, Erik, Darcy, and others running from the blast.  I was horrified.  Glass shattered spraying on the group.  “Jane!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face.  I removed the hands from my ears and looked up at the creature.  A rage I have never felt before consumed me.  The man with blond hair who was with Jane dropped his shield and began to walk toward the menace that caused so much destruction.

“Brother, whatever I have done to wrong you?  Whatever I have done to lead you to do this?”

Brother?  That suit of armor is his brother?

“I am truly sorry, but these people are innocent.  Taking their lives will gain you nothing.”  He paused for a moment.  “So, take mine and end this.”

I was shocked.  How could someone’s sibling cause so much chaos and destruction.  What would possess anyone to do so?

The armor closed.  I was instantly relieved and stepped out from the side of the building I was hiding at.  It turned sideways and swung, catching the blond and propelling him into the air.  I heard Jane yell “no” and began to run towards him.  The armor was walking away, toward my direction.  I stood my ground, full of rage, fear, and a whole mix of other emotions.

Erik screamed “Jane” and I looked up at the sky were Erik was looking at.  He managed to pull Jane away just before a hammer flew into the man’s outstretched hand.  The creature turned, right before it reached me and looked at the man with the hammer who was now surrounded by lightning and wearing armor like the four, I saw helping fight the beast.

The hammer hit it in the head, and then fell over.  The ground shook and I lost my balance and fell to the ground as well.  A tornado surged, the man with the hammer, the armor, and me, were all caught in it.  Instinctively I lifted my hands and conjured air to make an invisible force field to surround and protect me.  CRASH!  Flames erupted as the hammer made contact with the armor and it exploded.  I landed safely, only releasing the air after all the dust settled.



The destroyer will crush Thor with little effort since he is weak like those other Midgardians.

Blast, after blast.  A little chaos is always entertaining.  I watched as my destroyer, the king’s birthright, MY birthright, was attacking my brother.  Thor’s speech took me off guard.  I weighed his words and found them true.  Senseless bloodshed was not in my nature, and I got what I came for.  Thor was dead, or at least dying.  I am now king of Asgard, and I will destroy the frost giants soon enough.  Father has no choice but to be proud of what I did for him and our people.  They are safe.  A foolish child has been dealt with, he would have ruined our kingdom if he took the throne.  I could now sit on the thrown as a hero.

After the finishing blow, I began to walk away.  I started when I noticed a female with blond hair and blue eyes was looking up at me (well the armor me anyways).  A look of utter hatred and rage was evident in her expression.  A feeling I am all too familiar with myself.  I was nearing her, but she stood her ground.  Not flinching or cowering at all.  “This girl has spirit.” I said allowed and a smile started to form.  Then I felt something.  I turned to the spot were Thor was a moment ago.  Lightning surrounded him and the battle armor he normally wore was on him once more.  He apparently proved himself worthy in father’s eyes.  How dare father sees him as worthy!  I was always a shadow to my brother, technically he isn’t even my brother.  Thor was the rightful king of Asgard, and me, nothing more than a stolen relic.  Unneeded and unwanted.  “I will not just give up without a fight!”  I seethed.

Thor summoned a small tornado that lifted the armor into it.  The female screamed and was caught up in it.  “Looks like spirit isn’t enough?”  I mused.  I fired a few blasts off with the armor but couldn’t land a blow on Thor.  In one of the turns I noticed that an invisible force was surrounding the girl, now keeping her in place in the vortex.  “How is she doing that?”  In that instant I stopped attacking, Thor managed to hit the armor and it fell to the ground.  I cursed that women for being a minor distraction and left the throne room to summon the frost giants.  Even if I can’t manage to defeat Thor, at least I can kill all the frost giants and still gain father’s approval.



Jane disappeared with Thor, at least that is what Erik called him when I spoke to him.  This agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. asked me to be a consultant in New York once they found out that it was my car, that they found at the portal site.  They also graciously offered to pay for the vehicle since the ‘destroyer’ blew it up.  I see where it gets its name from.  After saying my goodbyes to Jane, Darcy, and Erik once everyone was together, I went with Agent Coulson to New York.  He arranged for my stuff to be picked up from my apartment in Arizona, break the lease, and all that stuff I despised doing.

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