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The Linguist Chapter 3


Hey sorry for not posting yesterday.  Kids had 3 snow days this week so my days were totally off.  I am just writing to let you all know I added some new sections to my site.  My Marvel Universe, a new series I am planning out, and also going to work on some One-shots that don't have anything to do with any of the series.  These are just a completed story that are all stand-alone's.  I will be posting them as I complete them.  If you have any particular pairings  you wish to read about let me know and will see what I can do.  Have a good one.

*ADDED*  I will be posting more than just Marvel fanfiction on this site.  Unable to change the URL since I already created the pages, etc.  Just throwing that out there.

Ky's Korner (Kyleen McHenry)

The Linguist Chapter 2