Marvel Fanficiton Update

I have deleted all my Marvel fanfiction off my sites.  I will be re-writing them (not to stay as close to the films) and release the new ones next year (2020).

The Mini-Plays (Draft 10/282019) by Kyleen McHenry

WARNING: These plays may contain sensitive topics (miscarriage, death, depression, and so on).

**The first mini-play is free to the public, the other two are for patrons only.  To view the post please click HERE.**

By Kyleen McHenry
Type: Sustained Monologue, Stained Glass

CAROLINE, a janitor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Late night at the Andruss Library, Bloomsburg University, 2nd floor

(AT RISE: An empty floor, silent, a sense of lonesomeness in the air.

CAROLINE, alone on the 2nd floor of the Andruss Library, looks at the stained-glass window on the other end of the building, then slowly starts walking to them.)

This window always reminds me of the stained-glass in churches.


When was the last time I went to church?

(Sudden realization made CAROLINE tear up before lowering to her knees in front of the stained-glass window.)

Father, in the name of Jesus I come to you with a broken heart because of the loss of my baby.

(Pause as CAROLINE tries to recollect the prayer she heard in service when someone else lost their child.)

I know that your ears are open to my prayers.
I am hurting and restless and feel overwhelmed.
Please rescue me out of this pit of hopelessness and fear.
You know the tears that I cry and my sleepless nights—

(Abrupt stop.  Tears fully flowing down CAROLINE’s face now.)

Why would you end a child’s life before it even began?
Was I not a devout enough Christian?
Did I not pray hard enough?
Did I miss too many sermons since the miscarriage?
I never even got to hold my baby.
(Scoffs) What is your GREATER plan?
Is there even a greater plan?
It has been nearly eight months since my husband, and I, decided to try again.
Are you punishing us?
Punishing me?
(Anger rising.) No matter what, you never answer.
We have been trying not to lose faith, but it is nearly impossible.
(Becomes more somber and less angry.) I’m tired, so very tired.
Do you even care?
(Beat.) Father, I give you all my hurts, worries, and cares.
I thank you that you are not finished with me yet.
(Pause.) Are you finished with me?
(Continues chant.) I will choose not to be held down by a spirit of discouragement and grief.
Please relieve my grief.
By your grace I will stand firm and try and trust you.

(CAROLINE slowly stands up, wiping away her tears.

After a beat the lights dim and fade to black.

End of play.)

Trifles by Susan Glaspell | Action Analysis

To read Trifles by Susan Glaspell, go to the link.
The following analysis is what i wrote for a class assignment, please read the play for yourself and would love to discuss your thoughts on it.
You can order the book I used to understand how to analyze a play on Amazon.
My response to the play is located here (personal thoughts).

Review of the Facts
Mrs. Hale – wife of Mr. Hale, friend to Minnie Foster (Wright), neighbor to the Wrights.
Mrs. Peters – wife of the sheriff, new to the town (by sounds of it).
Lewis Hale – husband of Mrs. Hale, neighbor to the Wrights.
Henry Peters (sheriff) – husband of Mrs. Peters, sheriff who is investigating the murder.
Mr. Wright – deceased husband of Minnie Foster (Wright), an asshole.
Mrs. Wright (Minnie Foster) – widow of Mr. Wright, used to sing in choir, no children.
George Henderson (county attorney) – young male who is helping in the investigation of Mr. Wright’s murder.
Winter (below zero).
Isolated farmhouse (couldn’t see the road).

Seed: Gender inequality.
Theme:  Women’s roles in a male-dominated society.

Chain of Events
External: Mrs. Peters mentioned that Minnie Wright was worried about the canning jars of fruit exploding when it was cold.
Internal: Mr. Hale said that women wore over unimportant matters (‘trifles’).

External: The men accuse Minnie Wright of being a poor housekeeper.
Internal: Mrs. Hale is very upset by this, and starts to defend Minnie.

External: Mrs. Peters starts to grab Minnie’s clothing to take to her in jail.
Internal: Mrs. Hale starts to realize that Minnie didn’t have much for herself, even her clothing looked “shabby”.

External: The women talk about the way that John Wright was murdered.
Internal: Mrs. Hale doesn’t think that Minnie committed the murder.

External: The men laugh at the women when they find the pieces for a quilt.
Internal: Both women are abashed by the men’s laughter.

External: Mrs. Peters finds the bird-cage.
Internal: Mrs. Hale remembered how beautiful Minnie used to sing.

External: The women find the dead bird.
Internal: Mrs. Hale realizes what Mr. Wright did to his wife, and she feels remorse for not visiting Minnie all those years.

External: Mr. Henderson stated that they needed a motive to get a conviction for Minnie Wright.
Internal: Both women felt regret for what happened to Minnie, so they hid the bird from the men.

Three Major Climaxes
1.Mr. Hale calling the women’s concerns ‘trifles.’
2.The women find the dead bird.
3.The women hide the dead bird.

Super-objective: Mrs. Hale’s desire for equality.
Through-action: A farmer’s wife defends a neighbor from the law while looking for evidence to a murder.
Counter through-action: A farmer belittles what women think as significant matters as mere ‘trifles.’

The Shoot-Out

“The Shoot-Out” by Kyleen McHenry

                “Wake up!” Richard looked into Mark's eyes.  They were not focusing properly.  He hit him hard on his shoulder.

                Mark suddenly became focused. “Why'd you hit me? That hurt.”  He slowly began to lose his focus again.

                “Please man, don't die on me. Please.”  His voice began to crack, tears welled up in his eyes.  “We swore that we'd leave the Bronx together.  Don't give up on me now.”

                Mark tried to sit up, but to no avail.  The pain was becoming more and more unbearable with each passing second.  The blood was spilling out from his wound on his side.  He could feel the bullet that pierced his flesh only minutes ago.  “I think I'm done for.  Just grant me one last request big brother.”


                “Kill those sons a bitches.”

                Richard shook his head in acknowledgement.  “I promise. They will pay for what they did to you.”

                Mark's face was losing color.  What used to be so bright and full of life was now dingy and pale.  He always had such a spark like no one else he ever knew.  Mark's chest stopped moving.  His hands fell to his side, limp and lifeless.  Richard knew that his little brother was gone.  He stood up and grabbed the gun that his brother was holding.

It's hunting the only thought that went through his head.

                Richard, full of grief and rage, started toward the Shamrock Gang's territory.  The bone-chilling night air blow wildly.  He hardly felt it.  With each passing step, he became more numb, reminiscing the times he spent with his little brother.

- - - - - - - - - - -

                They walked down the Bronx River after school so they could play tag at the Bronx Park.  Their mother, Clarissa, would make them fresh backed sweats if they did good in school the previous week.  They would stay up late studying when they were in Morris High School, which was previously named Cooper High School.  They wanted to go to Brooklyn Law School to be an attorney team of brothers, Richard and Mark: the attorneys for the people.

                Their dreams changed when their mother died when Richard was a senior and Mark was only a Sophomore.  Richard had to drop out of school in order to provide for his little brother.  He ended up joining the Archer Boys Gang shortly after.  Times were tough for two kids with nothing to their names.  His brother graduated high school with honors but ended up joining the gang instead of attending college.  Now, after all of their hard work and dedication, Mark is dead and Richard is on his way either to his death or the death of all the Shamrocks.

- - - - - - - - - - -

                It was the Shamrocks staging ground for practically everything that they did.  He got the information from one of their old gang members who defected to the Archer's side of the war.  He moved as silently as a mouse.  Conviction was shown on his face like never-before.  He was poised to strike back at the tyrants who took his old reason for being left.  He love Mark like a son at times, he did raise him while his mom was at work.  Even took care of bullies at school for him throughout the years.

                Richard walked into the warehouse.  He heard several voices talking to each other.  “Did you see their faces.  Priceless!”

                “They died so easily.  It's almost like a crime.”  Laughing filled the room.  Richard rage increased, he almost let his position be known.

                Richard peeked around the crates and boxes to get a better view of the room and people occupying it.  He spotted the person who shot Mark, gun raised, he aimed and fired.  The backlash was nothing in comparison to his satisfaction og hitting his target.  The crowd roared.  Guns blazing in his direction.  He hid deeper, almost blending with his surroundings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                The man who was standing next to the boy he shot picked him up in his arms and cried.  He became angry after the tears would not flow anymore.  “You bastard!  Come out so I can finish you once and for all!”  He still held the boy close to him.  Never wavering his grip, like holding a porcelain doll.

                Richard looked confused for a moment.  Then he stepped out in the open.  “I surrender.”

                The other man raised one hand as to halt the others.  He was obviously the leader.  The Shamrocks lowered their guns.  “Who are you?”  He looked down at the boy again.  “And why did you kill my baby brother?”

                Richard lost the color in his face.  He dropped his gun and fell to his knees.  “He killed Mark, my baby brother.”

                “It was an accident.  He got in the middle of the fight because your brother tried to kill me.  He was only 11 years old.”

                Richard stared at the ground.  He could feel a piercing sensation in his heart.  How could he deny a little boy his life...he was only 11...t was an accident...

                The air became colder, he started to have convulsions.  He looked back up.  “My rage consumed me.  I am sorry.”

                The gang leader shot Richard.  He lay there lifeless like his brother did.

Marvel Fanficiton Update

I have deleted all my Marvel fanfiction off my sites.  I will be re-writing them (not to stay as close to the films) and release the new on...